Welcome to a brand new season of Destination Imagination! Once you have purchased your 2018-19 Team Number, it’s time to get solving! But what if you don’t know which Team Challenge you would like to solve? With six different Challenges to choose from, it can be a tough decision.

When your team meets for the first time, block off some time to watch our Challenge Preview videos and review our First Look document. This will give you a brief look at this season’s Challenges, including some of the themes and components for each Challenge.

Your team should then preview and download the full Team Challenges in the Resource Area. (Please note that the Team Challenges can only be downloaded by the Team Number purchaser—Team Manager, school administrator, parent, etc.)

Still having trouble deciding on a Challenge? Have your team complete our Team Interest Inventory survey, located on page 102 in Roadmap.

  • First, have each team member fill out the Individual Specialties Inventory
  • Second, have the team add their scores on the Individual Specialties Tally Sheet
  • Third, combine all team member scores on the Team Specialties Tally Sheet
  • Fourth, discuss the results and talk about how your team’s talents might help you choose a Team Challenge

If your team cannot decide which Challenge to select because of a tie, you can use the Paired Choice Analysis Worksheet on page 91 in Roadmap.

This activity allows your team members to turn your individual Challenge preferences into numerical values. It will also help take the emotion out of choosing a Challenge because whichever Challenge receives the most points, wins!

Once your team has chosen a Challenge, you’re ready to get solving. Good luck, teams!